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Today I want to talk about Motor Coach Tires, did you know you can lease those tires?

If you own Motor Coaches, you have probably purchased a replacement tire. If you’re from the Limo industry, you most likely purchased Michelin. You realize those tires are the most expensive tire, well you get what you pay for correct?

Not necessarily Many of you have purchased several brands and maybe have chosen a very cheap tire. Be careful; some tire resellers will sell you anything. I’m sure you know about speed rating, if not please listen.

I’m here to let you in on not such a little secret. Some of you already do this; many have not heard of it yet.

YOU CAN LEASE TIRES! That’s correct! You pay pennies per mile and nothing when the bus is not moving.

This is a great way to control cash flow — the first responsibility for 2019.

There are many different tires available to purchase; this is not an area that you buy the cheapest tire. Safety always comes first.

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