We’re now able to offer Saliva-based COVID-19 testing, which is which is authorized by the FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), that can be self-collected and shipped to our lab. Results of the test can confirm if the virus is detected in the saliva of an individual. Since no nasal swab is required, collection is minimally invasive and can be self-administered without the assistance of a healthcare worker.

NO Appointment Necessary!
Simply request a collection kit and we send it direct to your location.

Easy to do!

• Spit into funnel until the amount of liquid (not bubbles) reaches the fill line.
• Close the funnel lid. The liquid in the lid will be released into the tube to mix with the sample.
• Unscrew the funnel from the tube, and use the small cap to close the tube tightly. Shake for five seconds.


Return the Sample

• Write your first and last name on the barcode label and affix barcode label to the saliva collection device.
• Package the sample and return using the prepaid shipping label.

Flexible options for distribution of the collection kits:
• Bulk distribution to specified site(s) for distribution
• Individual kits sent directly to a specified location

Please note that kits must be paid for with credit card at the time of ordering.  Insurance is not accepted.