The LCT Show education committee spotlight this week is on Tom Holden of Bus Advisors and Jim Luff of LCT Magazine.

The two experienced operators will be bringing their expertise to attendees of all fleet sizes and experience levels.
Tom Holden, Regulations/Safety

Tom Holden started his ground transportation career with Rose Chauffeured Transportation in 2002 as director of operations and general manager. With his guidance, Rose grew from $1.2 million to over $10 million in sales. Rose added motorcoaches nearly nine years ago. Before taking the management position, he was a part-time driver just looking to make a little weekend money. After being interviewed by Charles Tenney, he was brought into the office to help grow the company.

For the last four years, he’s had the opportunity to speak and be the moderator of panels at the LCT Shows in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. He is also a contributing writer for LCT Magazine and on the magazine’s advisory board.

His desire to help more business owners and operators in both the limousine and motorcoach industries led him to form Bus Advisors, a consulting company in 2018.

“I believe after 16 years of experience and my involvement in the industry, not only from the chauffeur driven side but also the motorcoach industry, I have the ability to provide plenty of knowledge and expertise,” he says. As director of operations and general manager, he was always a hands-on leader who never micromanaged, and plans to take the same stance as a business and bus guru. “You have to let your staff become successful.”

Thoughtout his many years in the industry, he has met many operators, visited their operations, and been involved in 20 groups from Spader Business Management and Driving Results, and the late Tom Mazza’s group. “Every time, my passion for the transportation industry has always lead me to ask questions and point out things I believed not to be a perfect right. What you see in Tom Holden is exactly what you get. A man who always speaks the facts and cares about the safety and compliance of our industry.”